Retro Game of the Week: Kirby’s Dream Land 2

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 is a platformer that hit the Game Boy in 1995 thanks to HAL Laboratory, who also brought us the Mother series and a few of the Pokémon spin-offs.
A few gameplay elements were tweaked for this release over its predecessor, like the introduction of three animals to assisst Kirby in his quest and the copy ability coming to the Game Boy (it was introduced in the NES game Kirby’s Adventure).
The game also brings a nice color palette when played on the Super Game Boy, and the endong sequence really pushes the SGB’s color limits. Seriously, every possible color the SGB was capable of showing at once pops up on your screen.
Nintendo Power ranked the game as the tenth best Game Boy game, and they also noted that it’s the hardest Kirby game to achieve 100% completion. (Just for the record, I’ve gotten my 100% on it.)


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