Retro Game of the Week: DOOM

Ahh, DOOM. Another controversy-riddled experience. Who doesn’t love graphic violence and Satanic imagery? What about the fact that the 32X version was one of the first rated M games after the ESRB was formed? Then you have the Harris levels, so named because they were designed by Columbine shooter Eric Harris. Yep, controversy.

So what’s the deal with Doom? It usually gets credit for pioneering the entire FPS genre because it was one of the earliest, if not the earliest, FPSreleased. In fact, early FPS games were usually referred to as Doom-clones. From what I’ve heard, the Marine Corps actually created a mod for Doom II as a recruitment tool, similar to the Army developing America’s Army.

Which brings me to mods. The game was one of the earliest to feature a strong modding community, and mods are still being released (remember, this game is old enough to drink). In fact, John Romero released a new level earlier this year. The modsite Doomworld has been around for 18 years. Jesus, if that’s not devotion, I dunno what is.

I guess the last thing I should mention is that this game was ported to over 20 platforms in the last 23 years, ranging from platforms like OS/2 Warp to Atari Jaguar to more mainstream consoles like the SNES, and it’s been remastered and ported to more modern consoles, like the 360 and PS3. In fact, some fans have even ported the game to Dreamcast and the ZX Spectrum, after the source code for the engine was released in 1997. I found a youtube video of both while looking at a console port comparison… admittedly, the music is really bad in both ports. I expected the Speccy to have shitty music, but seriously, on the Dreamcast?

But yeah. 1993. Big daddy of the FPS genre. And John Romero would later make you his bitch with Daikatana. I think I’ll be emulating that Speccy version soon.


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